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      Hülya Kavuzlu

Kuran Külliyatı 1 - Alak- Rabbin Molekülü Yazarı
Kuran Külliyatı 2 - Kadir- Kesretten Çıkış Yazarı
SPRİTDER Kurucu Başkanı

Spiritüellik Okulu® Kurucusu
DSHT® Nur Şifası Kurucusu



He was born in Adana. He completed all his education, including university education, in Adana. He completed his university education and became a Chemistry Scientist. He earned a Master of International Business Administration by completing an eMBA for Executives at Preston University. He started his career at the age of 23 as a Production - Quality - Quality System Engineer in an American company, which is the leader in its own segment in Turkey and in the world, and in a very short time he became a manager here. He worked as a manager in the fields of Production, Quality, R&D, Quality System.


In addition to his success in his career at a young age, his love for people since his childhood and his realization of the mystery of life, the vision called life, has made researches in the fields of psychology, philosophy, spiritual journey (spiritualism), and has continuously improved himself in these areas. He experienced his first enlightenment when he was 15 years old, and from the age of 15 he has been constantly telling people about science and truth, and he continues to convey the awareness and scientific information he has experienced after this enlightenment experience. In the same period (in the 1990s), he worked on the Qur'an, as well as encountered mantra, meditation, yoga and continued his spiritual journey. He completed his NLP and Life Coaching trainings in 2010 by carrying the gains he gained as a result of his researches on enlightenment and spiritual issues that he lived for about 25 years. In 2010, he worked as a Personal and Spiritual Development Guidance, Quantum & NLP & Life Coaching Instructor, and gave seminars and trainings on the Divine System and Truth. Apart from his seminars and individual sessions, he also made Personal Development Programs in visual media (on television) in order to reach more people and to raise awareness and healing of many people.


During his therapies and sessions, he developed his own unique techniques with his metapsychic abilities. He has created his own school and has developed the methodology of Deep System Healing Therapy, educating the therapists and trainers of this therapy method. In addition to many known techniques for the elimination of Subconscious, Spiritual Problems, Mental problems, and the Dream (Asleep) Therapy technique that he has developed, he performs all changes, transformations, restructuring and healing of the person on a Spiritual, Physical & Mental basis.


With the mission of raising awareness among people, she left her career and founded her own company in 2014 with the desire to be a platform that will enable them to learn the source of life, offer healing to people and enable their holistic development. While he continued his private sessions and consultancy between 2104-2017, he also continued the training of these sessions. After a long therapist period, she left her individual sessions and devoted herself to raising healers by transferring this information to students.  


Areas of expertise; science-based education, healing, trance, brain and subconscious, psychotherapy, parapsychology, metaphysics.


With the mission of making love and peace dominate the whole world, SPRITDER (Spirituals) based in Turkey in 2018 to provide service to humanity, Unity and Integrity all over the World with the characteristics of unconditional love, tolerance, humility, patience, charity, self-sacrifice. He established the Spiritual People's Association and became the Founding President. Same time  The creation of standards and terminologies in the field of personal development and spiritual development in Turkey so that people can develop in a safe environment, for the first time Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Spiritual Development, Personal Development, etc. It carries out activities in the fields of compilation, standardization, ensuring auditing in line with the standards, and ensuring that everyone in this sector carries out activities within the framework of the rules.

In 2018, he established the Spirituality School® in Turkey for the first time in Europe, giving truth lessons to people with the education curriculum prepared specifically in line with his school, raising spirituality students with science-based science education, and guiding the spiritual journey of individuals.  

With the achievements he has achieved throughout his life and the special work he has carried out on the Qur'an in line with the knowledge he has, he serves the whole humanity to learn the Qur'an with the motto "The Qur'an can be known without knowing Arabic, and knowing Arabic is not knowing the Qur'an". He had this special study applied to people who wanted to advance in many sciences and develop spiritually, and it was instrumental in individuals learning the Qur'an. In this direction, in order to present the work it has been carrying out for years with people who have requested it, in 2019, it has started working to explain the Qur'an to the masses, organized sessions called the Qur'an Expansion, and it still continues. What he told in the surah expansions was written down by his students and compiled by him and started to be compiled into a book, and the Qur'an Collection was created in this direction.  

Currently, he trains healers with his own school, DSHT® Divine System Healing Education, and continues to teach by giving scientific-based science training at the Spirituality School®, which he founded. It carries out the task of telling the Truth of the Qur'an, which is the purpose of life, to all humanity as a whole, regardless of language, religion or race. He is still the founder  He is the chairman of the Spiritualists Association. It guides people's spiritual and personal development, life goals and living with awareness. In order to create this awareness, it organizes Seminars, Workshops, Trainings with the aim of reaching everyone, and continues to share it by writing books in which it brings together its knowledge.

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