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To receive science-based education that will provide spiritual development from a spiritual master, to advance in his spiritual journey.

You can easily enroll in the Spirituality School®. To join the Spirituality School® 

Pre-register with the form below.


Classes take place on weekdays and weekends, and you can enroll in the class that is most convenient for you. Even if the classes have progressed, you can enroll and make up for the missed classes by setting appropriate dates with you or by attending other classes.  

There may be classes that want to take a vacation during the summer period and want to continue in the summer period. People can make decisions according to their preferences.  

You can register with our school using the registration form below. If you are starting a class that is already in progress, your class will be determined by working specifically for you on your school start date. If you are starting a new class, you will be notified when the class opens.


For course contents and all other details, you can review the About Us section and reach us by phone in the Contact section.


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