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Spirituality School, scientific-based Personal and Spiritual  in all areas of development

It makes you competent. If you want to develop yourself personally or if you want to step into this sector professionally, you are the only company in Turkey.  the one which  Spirituality School® is just for you. 

                                              SCHOOL OF SPIRITUALITY® 




Being the one and only of its kind within Turkey as well as in Europe, the Spirituality School® that is registered and accredited internationally, has been established by Hülya Kavuzlu who is the founding president of the Spiritüeller Derneği- SPRİTDER (i.e. Association of Spirituals). Spirituality School® delivers science-based education while providing spiritual development of the attendees. Within this context, Spirituality School® is the first and only school in Turkey dedicated to Spirituality.

Spirituality School®, originally based in İstanbul-Turkey and which is a formation of Rönesans Gelişim Akademi®️ (i.e. Renaissance Improvement Academy), aims to reach all around the world. In this way, it is aimed that everyone interested in spiritual growth will be able to benefit from the knowledge and improve themselves in this field. The knowledge is conveyed to attendees from several countries of the world.

Spirituality School®, which is the only school in our country giving education based on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Cosmology, Metaphysics and Parapsychology, provides a spiritual development program designed for reminding their creation programs to individuals that are aiming to be on a piousness journey and that are willing to improve their spiritual levels. Individuals that are already working in the sectors of personal growth and spiritual development can also attend the education program of Spirituality School®. Attendees who are working in this field will receive education on spiritualism from basic to advanced levels and will be able to acquire specializations and gain competences in spiritual topics in a scientific way while developing their levels of spirituality. Attendees that are already working as healers, energists, therapists, coaches, spiritual counsellors, astrologist etc. with their practical information only, will be able to gain the needed theoretical knowledge in Spirituality School®; hence, they will be able to improve their background extensively in a “schooled” manner. You can develop your competencies and become a specialist in this field within the international platform of Spirituality School®.

Graduates of the School acquire the title of International “Spiritual”.

Spirituality School® is fundamentally designed for individuals that are willing to improve their level of spirituality. Furthermore, the individuals that would like to learn the science behind the spirituality, as well as the ones that might have noticed certain conventionally unidentifiable features in themselves may also attend to this educational program in order to both understand and develop these unusual features of theirs, as well as to improve their background in this field.

Education is given across the world. Lectures are delivered in Turkish and in English languages. International lectures are given with simultaneous translation to English language. Anyone over 18 years of age is eligible for enrollment. Everyone complying the mentioned age requirement and that might be having any educational background are eligible for the education program.

***Attendees that are already performing coaching and counseling, as well as therapists, energists and healers, can become International Spiritual Counselors upon successful completion of this education program.

Everyone interested is eligible for attending the Spirituality School®. The details of educational content, terms and conditions for enrollment and the educational program are provided below.

Below contact details are provided for further information and registration:

 “Spirituality School®” has a registered patent and the franchising only belongs to Rönesans Gelişim Akademi® (Renaissance Improvement Academy).

You may visit the webpage of Spirituality School® via:



1st GRADE  

1st LECTURE: Introduction to Fundamental Spiritualism

2nd LECTURE: Fundamental System of Creation

 Divine System and Creation

 Spiritual Evolution and Karma System

 Incarnation / Reincarnation

 Universal Laws

 Six Stages of Creation

3rd LECTURE: Quantum Physics I

 Classical Physics

 Quantum Physics

Atomic Realm – Atom and its Structure

 Quarks and Higgs Boson

 String Theory

 Planck’s Constant

 Theory of Relativity


2nd GRADE      

1st LECTURE:  Quantum Physics II  

Chaos Theory



Quantum Thinking System

Quantum Jumping

Quantum Field – Matrix

2nd LECTURE: Human Anatomy

Human Brain and its Parts

Body, Spirit, Mind


Energy Body and Nur Body (Divine Light Body) (Chakras, Aura)

 3rd LECTURE: Metaphysics

Dimensions and Layers

Astral Voyages

Telepathy, Telekinesis

Applied Practices for Telepathy and Telekinesis

4th LECTURE: Parapsychology

Angelic and Energetic Beings

Types of Beings and their Matters

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience

Psychic Powers, Practices for developing Psychic Powers


1st LECTURE: Cosmology


Birth and Death Processes of Stars

Neutron Stars

Black Holes and Their Formations


Planet Programs

2nd LECTURE: Advanced Spiritualism

İnitiation – Ascension


Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Soul Contracts

Dehr Alemi (Metaphysical Realm)

Enlightenment – Srat-ı Mustakim (the Route of God) - Chakras

The Stage of Nothingness, Types of Beings and their Matters 

Trance State, Hypnagogic/Hypnopompic States , Meditative States


3rd LECTURE: Healing

Healership, Channeling

Medium Channels

Kinds of Healing

Energy Healing and Nur Healing (Love&Dvine Light Healing)

4th LECTURE: Radiesthesia

 What is Pendulum?

 Use of Areas of Pendulum

 Converting Negative into Positive by Using Pendulum 

 Use of Pendulum in Healing

4th GRADE            

1st LECTURE:  Al Asma ul-Husna/ The Names of God

What are the Al Asma ul-Husna/ The Names of God?

What is Dhikr/ Reciting Names of God/ Rosary Praying?

How to do the practices by using the Names of God?


Everyone who is interested in the above-mentioned topics, everyone aiming to become spiritual through spiritual development may attend the lectures.


Educational Program is given in “School” format. Attendees will receive education until the end of the 3rd Grade. The attendee will be eligible to proceed with an upper grade education once the lectures in the previous grade are successfully completed. An attendee who completes all lectures in the first 3 grades can graduate and will receive the right to hold the Certificate of International Spiritual. The 4th Grade of the school is optional and the graduates can take the lectures in the 4th grade additionally if they wish to. Attending all lectures in the first three grades is mandatory in order to be able to graduate. In case of missing any lecture, the attendee will be given a recovery chance to attend the particular lecture that he/she missed. Summer periods can be assigned for vacation, or the lectures of the upper grade can also be continued to be delivered depending on the choice of the attendees of one class group.  

Lectures are delivered either as face to face or online. The attendees from abroad, as well as the ones that are in the country and in the city but prefer to take online lectures can register for online education.



The educational program involves a total of 4 grades and 26 lectures; yielding approximately 240 hours of active lecturing sessions. Lectures are delivered once every 15 days. In this way, completion of the program takes around 2 years with the lectures given twice a month.  Lecture notes for each lecture are provided to the attendees via their personal student accounts that they may login and download from the website.

The details regarding the online lectures are provided below. Total lecturing hours are the same for online lectures as well. The options of weekend or weekday classes are available both for face to face and online education; the attendee may register to the preferred style of class.

Face to Face Education: is delivered in the classrooms of Rönesans Gelişim Akademi®. Each class is arranged to involve 15-25 students. If the number of students exceeds this limit, then an additional group/class is arranged to proceed with the program.

Online Education: Lectures are delivered once in every 15 days so that 2 lectures are given per month. Each lecturing session is 2 hours. Lectures are designed to be interactive and it is delivered by the lecturer using a presentation and smartboard in live sessions.


Fee  for each lesson  35 $ / 30 €


Payments should be made as remittance; as electronic funds transfer (EFT) or via other international payment method one week before the day of the lecture.

 * Lectures for the optional 4th Grade are free of charge.


Face to face lectures are delivered in the classrooms of Rönesans Gelişim Akademi®, while **Online lectures are delivered with online programs and can be taken by the students attending online from anywhere they wish.

**Online lectures are also delivered in the style of a face to face lecture, where the lecturer delivers the information live in an interactive manner, using presentation and smartboard. The lecturer and the attendees are face to face on a digital platform during the live online lectures.


Face to face education:

The options of weekend or weekday lectures are available. You may choose to register for the option that is more convenient for you.

Lecture hours are from 13:00 to 17:00.

Lectures are delivered once every 15 days.

Registrations are made on the website.

Online Education:

The options of weekend or weekday lectures are available and the lectures are delivered on appointed hours. Each online lecture duration is 2 hours. The lecture day and time will be set together with the participants.

Registrations are made on the website.


Hülya Kavuzlu

Lecturer & Founder & Author

President of Spiritüeller Derneği (Association of Spirituals)


International Certificate

ISCC 15290:2014 Educational Institution Accredited Certificate Management System

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